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Do you still eat 3 square meals a day? According to Cargill’s 2020 Snacking Solutions Report, 37% of consumers are replacing at least one meal with snacks. Additionally, consumers are looking to pre-packaged sides and other meal compliments more often. Pre-packaged foods are a convenient option to meet the health (or indulgent!) needs of today’s busy schedule.

The #1 quality people around the world look for in their snacks is freshness. From grab ‘n’ go snacks to pantry-loading supplies, the packaging you use can make the difference between sitting on the store shelf or becoming a sold-out fan favorite.

There are many ways to streamline your processes to get your food from line to shelf, but where do you start? Your packaging can provide a lot of opportunities! For efficient, quality food packaging solutions, just think DART.


In the world of grab ‘n’ go dining, your product needs to have the most shelf appeal along with the best taste. What do consumers want when they look at the shelf? A clear view of what’s inside and that “just-made” look to reinforce that the food is fresh.

Package food in containers with less ribbing, more clarity and the right materials and seals that will keep food fresh.

With a wide range of products in different shapes and sizes, our solutions provide a clear and consistent look, wherever they are displayed. From clean lines to low profiles, our sturdy, versatile containers fade into the background, making your food the focal point.



Your food packaging supplier should be able to grow with your company. Whether you operate a manual food production/packing line or have switched over to automation, our products are designed with ease and efficiency in mind.

Features like separation lugs and nested packaging keep your line running full speed ahead. Audible snap locks and all-in-one security features increase confidence for you and peace of mind for your customers. We’ve thought beyond the final display back through the packaging process to help streamline your operations in any way possible.



Getting through the production line is just the first step to delivering a great snack or meal to customers. Trucks, trains and planes can be inhospitable environments. You need reliable packaging with the strength and seal to hold up to jostles and pressure.

Whether your product is flash-frozen, shelf-stable or meant to be microwavable, we focus on finding the right solution for your food. Access to different shapes and sizes, resins and vented lid options, all from one company, means that you save time while we find the product that fits your needs. And with multiple locations throughout North America, you’ll be shipping fast thanks to a reliable supply of packaging consumables.



In 2018, 36% of consumers were purchasing groceries online. That number has increased to more than half as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. An increase in online ordering for both grocery pick-up and delivery is accompanied by higher food security expectations from customers.

The security of your food packaging is important for so many reasons, like:

  • Sealing securely during travel
  • Keeping food safe and sanitary
  • Discouraging wandering hands during delivery
  • Protecting your reputation and your customers

Typically, that security comes with extra costs to food packers, like the additional materials, labor and processes associated with shrink bands. Enter our SafeSeal™ and TamperGuard™ products.

These products eliminate the extra step of shrink banding. Less steps, less materials and, in turn, less costs mean you’re working more efficiently and shipping faster.



Your job doesn’t end when the food is packed and shipped. From there, it’s up to the packaging you choose to protect your food in transit, storage and display. At Dart, we know what it takes to generate impulse sales and keep customers coming back for more once your product leaves your warehouse.

We can help you create a more efficient process by addressing material, labor and automation needs or explore custom packaging options to meet your unique needs. Browse our suggested food packaging for food processors or reach out to one of our expert sales reps for more packaging suggestions.

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