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Online food ordering – like takeout, delivery and curbside pickup – is estimated to grow worldwide from $35 billion to $365 billion by 2030. (UBS Investment Bank, 2018) Off-premise dining, while convenient for consumers, poses a challenge for restaurants in maintaining food quality from the moment it leaves the kitchen to the first bite.

One way to preserve food quality during delivery is to use containers specifically made to meet the challenges of dining off-premise. So, what features should you look for when choosing containers for food delivery?


57% of consumers agree that packaging makes a big difference in takeout food quality. (Performance Foodservice, 2018) The right packaging retains temperature and provides the same taste and texture a customer would expect dining on-premise.

Pair each item on your menu with a container meant specifically to keep your food hot or cold. For hot foods, a microwavable container would be a bonus for your customers - just in case delivery takes a bit longer than anticipated.

For fried food, be sure to choose a container that has a vented lid. This will help steam escape while preserving that crunchy, crispy texture. Nothing is more disappointing than a soggy order of fries!

As curbside and takeout ordering grows, consider containers with a table-ready appearance. From crystal-clear, tear-away lids to modern black bases, you can help make a special occasion out of a customer ordering their favorite meal.

Browse our upscale, microwavable takeout containers:


Fresh is the name of the game when it comes to delivery, and leak-resistant containers pull double-duty when delivering orders. Besides locking in freshness, they also prevent leaks and spills during transport.

Multi-compartmented containers can also help maintain food quality. Separate areas for entrees and sides or portion containers for dressings and sauces keep the texture of each item just right until your customer is ready to dine.

Finally, give your delivery persons a leg up as they travel. Look for containers with a stacking platform. This little detail provides extra security and stability for food as it travels from kitchen to bag to table.

Check out these containers with leak-resistant perimeter seals:


85% of customers would prefer their food was delivered in a tamper-evident, tamper-resistant container. (US Foods, 2019) An investment in these types of containers helps increase customer confidence and protects your brand reputation.

If you’ve already found the perfect container that maintains your food quality, add a tamper-evident label so that your customers know their food hasn’t been touched since it left the kitchen.

To eliminate that step, try tamper-evident, tamper-resistant containers with those features already built-in. Provide the same peace of mind to your customers while minimizing steps for your kitchen staff.

Take a look at the features that inhibit tampering on Dart’s SafeSeal™ line: 

Whether you’re just beginning your takeout program or are looking to improve, the right packaging can make a huge impact on maintaining the quality of your food and protecting your brand reputation. For off-premise dining, packaging should be just as important as the final menu, rather than an after-thought.

To learn more about Dart’s containers that are great for delivery, takeout and curbside orders, visit our Delivery products page and find the right choice for your menu.

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