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Sustainability Commitments

Dart’s Sustainability Commitment

As a leading manufacturer in the food & beverage packaging industry, our customers around the world count on us for thoughtful design, exceptional service and a unique and growing set of products and services that meet their needs.

We give people the freedom to enjoy their food & drinks anywhere—and we accept our responsibility for the environmental effects of that freedom. We take leadership and we take action on initiatives that reduce or eliminate the impact our products and practices have on our neighborhoods, our towns and our planet.

And we’re not stopping there. We intend to lead and push others in our industry to do more because it’s the right thing to do.

Dart Innovates

We are minimizing our company’s environmental impact by innovating new or improved processes, programs, and products with thoughtful design for sustainability.


The Vertical

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Dart Inspires

We are inspiring our customers, employees and industry to be part of the solution and join us in driving measurable environmental change.


Dart Community Action Team (DCAT)

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Dart Invests

We are investing in real solutions for environmental issues at home, on the go, and around the world.


Operation Clean Sweep Blue

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Carbon Footprint Reporting

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Industry Activism and Leadership

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Dart’s sustainability strategies focus on creating the least amount of waste, impact, and expense.