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Polypropylene #5


Polypropylene Production Process


Polypropylene (PP) is a valuable, versatile plastic from the polyolefin family. The resin identification code for this plastic is "5".

PP starts as a liquid monomer. It is then polymerized, making it a stable, solid polymer that is manufactured by extrusion, thermoforming, or injection molding.

Extrusion forces melted plastic through a mould before the plastic is cooled. 

Thermoforming, requires laying an extruded sheet of plastic over a mould. Next, heat and suction are used to form the plastic into the shape of the mould. Once shaped, these sheets are cooled and trimmed to create the finished product.

Injection moulding is like extrusion. However, rather than forcing melted plastic through a mould, the plastic is forced into a mould cavity. The product is then cooled, ejected from the mould, and trimmed.




Recovery & Recycling Information 


Check with your local recycler to see if PP is accepted in your community’s recycling programme (WRAP - Recycle Now).


Health and Safety of PP

Our PP products are safe for food and beverage use with Declaration of Compliance available upon request for select products.  PP does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA), dioxins or plasticizers.




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