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    Fusion Escape™ Stock Print

    Fusion Escape™ Stock Print

    The new Fusion™ Escape stock print offers full print coverage and intricate graphics all surrounding Fusion's unique ThermoThin™ core. ThermoThin provides superior insulation, keeping beverages hotter longer while remaining comfortable to the touch. Escape is available in four sizes with each colour coded by ounce capacity, making it easy to distinguish between cup sizes. And, all four cup sizes accept a single lid size, reducing the need for added inventory.


    Product Specs

    Stock Number Description
    12U16ESC 12oz (355 ml) Insulated Cup - Escape™
    16U16ESC 16 oz (473 ml) Insulated Cup - Escape™
    20U16ESC 20 oz (591 ml) Insulated Cup - Escape™

    Package Specs

    Stock Number Packing per Sleeve Items Per Case
    12U16ESC 50 1000
    16U16ESC 50 1000
    20U16ESC 25 1000

    Case Specs

    Stock Number Ti/Hi Case Length inches (cm) Case Width inches (cm) Case Height inches (cm) Case Volume ft³(m³) Case Weight lbs (kg)
    12U16ESC n/a 20.9 (52.9) 16.9 (43.0) 27.2 (68.6) 5.7 (0.15) 12.4 (5.6)
    16U16ESC n/a 31.9 (81.1) 16.9 (43.0) 23.5 (59.8) 7.4 (0.20) 15.4 (7.0)
    20U16ESC n/a 20.8 (52.7) 16.9 (42.9) 25.8 (65.6) 5.3 (0.15) 10.1 (4.6)


    Stock Number UPC printed on carton GTIN
    12U16ESC 0 41594 57282 5 0 00 41594 57282 5
    16U16ESC 0 41594 57283 2 0 00 41594 57283 2
    20U16ESC 0 41594 57284 9 0 00 41594 57284 9

    Features, Advantages & Benefits

    Features Advantages Benefits
    Magazine-Quality Print Surface Provides an attractive, upmarket presentation Increases perceived value of beverage
    Print Capability Printed in CMYK process colour Provides intricate detail and superior colour fidelity
    ThermoThin™ Core Helps maintain beverage temperature, quality, and taste Increases consumer satisfaction and repeat business
    Insulated Reduced heat transfer Hot drinks can be held comfortably without double-cupping or sleeve
    Moulded Rolled Lip Provides a secure lid fit and reinforces sidewall strength Helps avoid leaks
    Lid Interchangeability One lid size fits multiple cup sizes Reduces inventory needs and lidding confusion
    Flush-Fill Capacity Provides portion control Increases profits
    Seamless Sidewall Eliminates leaky sidewall seams Reduces customer complaints


    Stock Number Material
    12U16ESC Paper Wrapped Expanded Polystyrene
    16U16ESC Paper Wrapped Expanded Polystyrene
    20U16ESC Paper Wrapped Expanded Polystyrene

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