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    Stock Number: C57PST1

    ClearSeal™ Hinged Lid Containers


    Lock in freshness with ClearSeal's exclusive perimeter seal designed to maximize product freshness and reduce leaks. Bar-locks provide a snap-tight secure closure while easily accessible gripper tabs simplify opening. ClearSeal, the clear choice for accentuating the full appeal of your food with confidence.


    Product Specifications

    • Stock Number:
    • Description:
      6 in (152mm) Sandwich Container
    • Product Dimensions:
    • Materials:
      OPS - Oriented Polystyrene
    • Patents:

      • CANADA

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    Package/Case Specifications

    • Stock Number:
    • Packing Per Sleeve:
    • Items Per Case:
    • Stock Number:
    • UPC printed on carton:
      0 41594 50998 2
    • GTIN:
      0 00 41594 50998 2
    • Ti/Hi:
      6X2 (4X2)
    • Case Length:
      23.2 (59.1)
    • Case Width:
      12.0 (30.5)
    • Case Height:
      24.5 (62.2)
    • Case Volume (m³):
      3.9 (0.11)
    • Carton Wt. (kg):
      18.8 (8.5)