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Dart sponsors Aurora GreenFest for seventh year in a row, educating the public on proper foam recycling

Dart employee talking to attendee of Aurora GreenFest

Illinois., (October 22, 2018) – In North Aurora, Dart Container brought out their truck, collected foam, and educated over 3,000 visitors on the importance of foam recycling and how to properly dispose of the material. This is the seventh consecutive year the Dart has participated in this event. They joined hundreds of other exhibitors to help the residents of Fox Valley region get a better understanding of the importance of foam recycling.

“Every year, our team looks forward to GreenFest because it is a way for us to keep the public informed about foam products how the material is recycled,” stated Ashley Elzinga, Recycling & Community Outreach Specialist for Dart. “This year’s event marks seven years that Dart has brought our truck to GreenFest, and we’re always excited to be a part of this great event.”

This year, Dart’s Human Resource Manager Jennifer Pesch was behind the table, educating the public on how foam is recycled, and provided educational pieces for the public to take home that can serve as a reminder when they need to dispose of their foam products, like meat trays, food service cups and containers, and electronic packaging.

“There are a lot of foam products that people don’t know can be recycled, so it was great to be at GreenFest this year teaching residents about the recyclability of foam, as well as how it plays an important part in the food industry,” stated, Jennifer Pesch.


About Dart Container Corporation

Dart Container sets the industry standard of excellence by manufacturing high quality, affordable, and safe foodservice packaging made from bagasse (sugar cane), paper, and plastic (PET 1, PP 5, EPS 6, and PS6) while offering exceptionally reliable service and responsible environmental practices at the same time. Our portfolio of products offers a variety of positive environmental attributes for our customers to consider for their packaging needs.  Dart is also working to boost recovery rates of all the products we manufacture and is widely recognized as the industry leader in creating and promoting recycling opportunities for EPS foam #6. Dart is headquartered in Mason, Michigan. For more information, visit,, or call (800) 248-5960.

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