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Dart Community Action Team to spend the day cleaning a two-mile stretch of US Highway 127

Group photo of Dart Community Action Team (DCAT) volunteers

Mason, Mich., (September 22, 2018) – The Dart Community Action Team (DCAT), from Dart Container’s corporate office in Mason, Michigan, spent this weekend cleaning a two-mile stretch of US-127. As part of the Adopt-a-Highway program, Dart has been cleaning a portion of the highway from the Cedar St. exit, north to the overpass since 2010. 20 DCAT volunteers split the two-mile portion of the highway into sections, with two to three volunteers per section. Collectively, DCAT volunteers cleaned off 32 bags of trash from that stretch of highway.

“Mason is where Dart calls home, and we take a lot of pride in where we live. Our volunteers are always eager to clean our stretch of highway because we want Mason, Michigan, and all of the communities across the nation to thrive,” stated Ashley Elzinga. “The Dart Community Action Team works in communities across the nation to keep our streets, parks, and coastal lines clean and free from debris.”

Dart has been at the forefront of collaborating with organizations across the United States to bring awareness to litter and pollution that is affecting our environment. Now in their eighth year of Adopt-a-Highway, Dart is making sure that sustainability and being environmentally friendly and conscious is a top priority.


About Dart Container Corporation

Dart Container sets the industry standard of excellence by manufacturing high quality, affordable, and safe foodservice packaging made from bagasse (sugar cane), paper, and plastic (PET 1, PP 5, EPS 6, and PS6) while offering exceptionally reliable service and responsible environmental practices at the same time. Our portfolio of products offers a variety of positive environmental attributes for our customers to consider for their packaging needs.  Dart is also working to boost recovery rates of all the products we manufacture and is widely recognized as the industry leader in creating and promoting recycling opportunities for EPS foam #6. Dart is headquartered in Mason, Michigan. For more information, visit,, or call (800) 248-5960.

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