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Cups Are Recyclable (CARE)

About CARE

The Cups Are REcyclable (CARE) program offers Dart customers an easy and affordable way to recycle foam food containers. CARE is designed for Dart’s large-volume users, such as hospitals, universities and corporate cafeterias. The CARE program includes support materials, collection bin and a leased CARE densifier.

Ask your Dart sales representative about the CARE program.


Supporting Materials

Support materials include instructional posters, brochures and table tents. To request your CARE recycling support materials, please fill out this form. 

The materials below are available free of charge in the following quantities:



2 Foam Recycling Posters

2 Instructional Posters

100 Brochures

50 Table Tents

Additional quantities of support materials are available for purchase.



Collection Bin

The collection bin, known as a "respenser," helps separate foam and non-foam products. We offer three different options to best suit your setting: plastic with multi-entry lid, corrugated cardboard with multi-entry lid and corrugated cardboard with dual-entry lid.




The CARE densifier compacts the many collected foam products into a smaller, shippable unit. This optimizes storage and shipping of foam for recycling. A CARE densifier is:

  • Suited for use with foam food and beverage products
  • Can be installed and operated either indoors or outdoors
  • Ideal for high-volume cafeterias and restaurants

Available on a lease basis as part of the CARE Program, the CARE densifier requires minimal capital investment, and Dart offers technical assistance to support the densifier.

Program Requirements

The CARE program requires:

  • A minimum program term of six months
  • That the CARE program participant maintains the densifier – Dart will provide limited service during the first six months.
  • That the CARE program participant is responsible for installing the densifier and has a forklift available for densifier installation – densifier weight is approximately 2,200 pounds
  • A program participation fee of $295 per month in the U.S. ($350 in Canada)

Pick-up of densified material for recycling is included once per month at no additional cost. Through this program, participants are one step closer to achieving zero waste.

Learn more about Dart’s CARE program here, or contact your Dart sales representative to get started.