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Dart California Recycling Locations

The Dart Story

The Dart story begins with a small machine shop in Mason, Michigan known as Dart Manufacturing Company. Established in 1937, this modest business prospered through the manufacture of such products as plastic key cases, steel tape measures, and identification tags for the armed services. Subsequent experimentation with expandable polystyrene in the late 1950s led to a line of high quality insulated foam cups, and Dart Container Corporation was born.

Today, Dart manufactures products in two California facilities strategically located near major markets in Northern and Southern California.

Dart strives to produce high-quality, cost-effective products in a manner sensitive to environmental concerns while providing tremendous value to the great state of California.

California Economic Benefits

Environmental Stewardship

Dart’s ongoing drive for efficiency has reaped an extraordinary harvest in reductions of our carbon footprint. From the lighting fixtures in our offices to the technologies on our factory floors, each element of our business is scrutinized for ways to further reduce energy consumption, air emissions, and solid wastes.

Examples of DART’S Environmental STEWARDSHIP


Dart currently operates polystyrene foam drop-off locations at our production plants for anyone who wishes to recycle foam products. In addition, we have recycling centers at our production facilities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ontario, Canada, capable of reprocessing 12 million pounds of foam products annually. Dart sells its recycled polystyrene to manufacturers who reprocess it into useful products. Recycled polystyrene is used in the making of picture frames, plastic lumber, egg cartons, building insulation, toys, and office desk products.

Illustration of Recycla-Pak Box

Dart RECYCLING Programs

Dart offers the CARE (Cups Are REcyclable) Program to make recycling polystyrene foam foodservice products easier for our customers for an affordable monthly lease. The CARE Program helps large users of foam foodservice products separate the foam from other products, consolidate the collected material, and arrange to have it recycled. Recycled foam foodservice products can be reprocessed into building insulation, plastic lumber, and many other products.

The Dart Recycla-Pak program is an easy way for any Dart Customer to recycle their foam cups. Simply purchase a specially designed Recycla-Pak corrugated collection bin and you can start recycling foam cups. The Recycla-Pak collection bin doubles as the shipping carton used to return the collected cups for recycling at a Dart or industry recycling facility. The bin will be shipped to you flat and, after a simple assembly, you are ready to begin collecting used foam cups for recycling. During use, a cardboard divider in the bin keeps the collected cups neatly stacked. A pre-printed shipping label attached to the bin allows for easy return of the cups for recycling, freight prepaid. Most paper foodservice products are coated with wax, polyethylene plastic, or other nonbiodegradable materials and are, therefore, essentially no more degradable than foam.

Dart Densifier

The Dart densifier can compress
8,000 eight ounce foam cups into a
cylinder 15" tall and 15" in diameter.

Foam Facts

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