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    Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® VS SSPLA Paper Food Containers

    Bare® by Solo® Eco-Forward® VS SSPLA Paper Food Containers

    Solo's Eco-Forward Paper Food Container offering

    Bare® by Solo® food containers are perfect for holding hot foods (with a maximum temperature of 205°F). These versatile containers can also be used with cold food for immediate consumption. The PLA lining on the inside of the container acts as a moisture barrier to prevent leaking, while the matte finish on the outside of the container conducts less heat to your fingertips. The squat profile and wide mouth make this product easy for operators to fill and easy for customers to eat from.

    Sustainable Features:

    • Compostable in a commercial composting facility which may not exist in your community. Not suitable for backyard composting. Meets the ASTM standard D6868 for compostability by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
    • Accepted at all Cedar Grove commercial composting facilities
    • Made with 100% plant-based renewable resources
    • Plant-based lining made with Ingeo™ biopolymer
    • We source fibers certified under the SFI® chain of custody


    Product Specs

    Stock Number Description Diameter of Top (in) Diameter of Base (in) Height (in) Practical Fill (oz.) Flush Fill (oz.)
    V508PL-JF522 8 oz Food Container - Bare® 3.8 3.1 2.3 8 9.9
    V512PL-JF522 12 oz Food Container - Bare® 4.2 3.3 2.9 12 14.6
    V516PL-JF522 16 oz Food Container - Bare® 4.5 3.8 3.2 16 19.7

    Package Specs

    Stock Number Package Type Packing Per Bag Bags Per Case Items Per Case
    V508PL-JF522 Poly Bag 50 20 1000
    V512PL-JF522 Poly Bag 60 20 1200
    V516PL-JF522 Poly Bag 25 20 500

    Case Specs

    Stock Number Ti/Hi Case Length Case Width Case Height Case Cube(ft³) Case Weight (lbs.)
    V508PL-JF522 6/4 19.4 15.6 21.9 3.8 20.0
    V512PL-JF522 4/3 21.4 17.3 28.6 6.1 32.5
    V516PL-JF522 4/6 22.9 18.4 16.0 3.9 19.7


    Stock Number UPC printed on film UPC GTIN
    V508PL-JF522 041165147001 041165146998 00041165146998
    V512PL-JF522 041165147018 041165146981 00041165146981
    V516PL-JF522 041165147018 041165146981 00041165146981
    • Compostable in a commercial compost facility. Appropriate commercial composting facilities may not exist in your community. Please check with your local municipality. Not suitable for backyard composting
    • Single Sided PLA coating on the inside of the container acts as a moisture barrier to keep liquid inside the container.
    • Rolled rim provides hoop strength making sidewalls strong and squat, wide mouth make it easy to serve and easy to eat
    • Made from 100% plant-based renewable resources
    • Matte finish on exterior of container offers excellent printability - Available with customized environmental message or in Bare® stock design

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