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    Impulse® Stock Printed Insulated Foam Containers

    Impulse® Stock Printed Insulated Foam Containers

    Meet the new Impulse® stock print, sure to increase impulse sales in your business! The updated design and colors were developed to fit comfortably in any environment where hot or cold food or beverages are served—in convenience stores, cafeterias, coffee shops, at special events, and more.

    Each Impulse stock print container is now color coded to make it easier for customers and employees to ensure the correct size is selected. And, with Impulse, you benefit from low minimum order requirements and quick turnaround times, as well as a cost savings when compared to custom printed products.




    Product Specs

    Stock Number Description Diameter of Top (in) Diameter of Base (in) Height (in)
    8SJ20E** 8 oz Insulated Foam Container - Impulse® - Green & Gray 4.2 3 2.1
    12SJ20E** 12 oz Insulated Foam Container - Impulse® - Purple & Gray 4.2 2.7 3.2
    16MJ20E** 16 oz Insulated Foam Container - Impulse® - Orange & Gray 4.2 2.7 4.1

    Package Specs

    Stock Number Packing per Sleeve Items Per Case
    8SJ20E** 50 1000
    12SJ20E** 25 500
    16MJ20E** 25 500

    Case Specs

    Stock Number Case Length Case Width Case Height Case Cube(ft³) Case Weight (lbs.)
    8SJ20E** 23.3 15.3 22 4.5 7.9
    12SJ20E** 23.3 15.3 15.4 3.2 5.6
    16MJ20E** 23.3 15.3 20.8 4.3 6.5


    Stock Number UPC GTIN
    8SJ20E** 0 41594 22130 3 1 00 41594 22130 0
    12SJ20E** 0 41594 22131 0 1 00 41594 22131 7
    16MJ20E** 0 41594 22132 7 1 00 41594 22132 4

    Features, Advantages & Benefits

    Features Advantages Benefits
    Matched Pattern Coordinated setting Enhances business image
    Color-Coded by Ounce Size Easy identification of beverage size Avoids mis-charging customers
    Large Variety of Sizes Covers all desired hot and cold beverage sizes Increases choice for consumers
    Lid Interchangeability One lid size fits multiple cup sizes Reduces inventory needs and lidding confusion
    Insulated Helps maintain beverage temperature, quality, and taste Increases customer satisfaction
    Insulated Reduces condensation, maintains carbonation, and slows ice melt Increases customer satisfaction
    One-Piece Construction No seams to leak Reduces cleaning costs
    Visual Fill Line Provides reference for filling Reduces overfilling
    Printed Environmental Message Included Conveys positive factual message about foam cups Reduces customer environmental concerns


    Stock Number Material
    8SJ20E** EPS - Expanded Polystyrene
    12SJ20E** EPS - Expanded Polystyrene
    16MJ20E** EPS - Expanded Polystyrene

    ** Not available in all areas.

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