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    Stock Number: 90HTPFB3 | 90HTPFB3R

    Black Foam Hinged Lid Containers

    90HTPFB3 | 90HTPFB3R

    Convenience is the key with Dart foam hinged lid containers. Secure closure improves handling and helps protect against accidental openings. High insulation qualities make them ideal for transporting and storing both hot and cold foods. Carryout service wouldn't be complete without them.

    Twelve popular sizes of Dart foam hinged lid containers feature the Performer® perforated hinge. This one-of-a-kind feature allows the container's lid to easily be removed, making for a less cluttered dining experience and providing an extra plate for meal sharing.

    Dart foam hinged lid containers are available in both white and black.



    Product Specifications

    • Company:
    • Stock Number:
      90HTPFB3 | 90HTPFB3R
    • Description:
      Performer® Large, Three Compartment with Removable Lid
    • Length (in):
    • Width (in):
    • Height (in):
    • Patents:


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    Package/Case Specifications

    • Stock Number:
      90HTPFB3 | 90HTPFB3R
    • UPC printed on film:
      0 41594 72783 6 | 0 41594 88954 1
    • Packing Per Bag:
    • Packing Per Case:
    • Stock Number:
      90HTPFB3 | 90HTPFB3R
    • UPC printed on carton:
      0 41594 72782 9 | 0 41594 88961 9
    • GTIN:
      0 00 41594 72782 9 | 0 00 41594 72782 9
    • Ti/Hi:
    • Case Cube(ft³):
      4.8 | 4.1
    • Case Weight (lbs.):
      8.9 | 8.7

    * Containers not available in all areas

    (R) = Item is available in reduced cube version (with R stock number) in certain Dart plant-served areas.

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