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    Traveler® Lids for ThermoGuard™

    Traveler® Lids for ThermoGuard™

    Traveler® lids allow extra space for froth or whipped cream for gourmet hot beverages. The inner ring reduces pop-off incidents, providing a more secure lid fit and reducing dribble at the rim and cup seam.

    Not available in all areas. Contact sales for more information.


    Product Specs

    Stock Number Diameter of Top (in) Height (in) For Use With
    TL1224TG 3.8 0.7 DWTG12, DWTG16, DWTG20, DWTG24
    TL1224TGB 3.8 0.7 DWTG12, DWTG16, DWTG20, DWTG24

    Package Specs

    Stock Number Packing Per Bag Bags Per Case Items Per Case
    TL1224TG 120 10 1200
    TL1224TGB 120 10 1200

    Case Specs

    Stock Number Ti/Hi Case Length Case Width Case Height Case Cube(ft³) Case Weight (lbs.)
    TL1224TG 12/5 19.4 8.0 19.8 1.8 12.3
    TL1224TGB 12/5 19.4 8.0 19.8 1.8 12.3


    Stock Number UPC printed on film UPC GTIN
    TL1224TG 00041594040928 041594040935 00041594040935
    TL1224TGB 00041594040942 041594040959 00041594040959
    • 1 lid fits 4 cups: 12-24 oz cups have common lid fit to reduce number of lid SKUs operator needs to stock
    • Inner ring ensures better, tighter fit to reduce dribble, leakage and pop-offs
    • Low pitch, stable stack for improved operations
    • Available in white and black


    Stock Number Material
    TL1224TG HIPS - High Impact Polystyrene
    TL1224TGB HIPS - High Impact Polystyrene

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