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    Optima® Fully Reclosable Paper Hot Cup Lid

    Optima® Fully Reclosable Paper Hot Cup Lid


    Optima® offers coffee drinkers a new level of convenience by providing users with a completely sealed beverage. When ready to drink, just pull the tab open and lock it back out of the way. Most notable is the ability to securely reclose the lid until ready to resume drinking, again and again.


    Product Specs

    Stock Number Description Diameter of Top (in) For Use With
    OPT316 White, Optima® Reclosable Lid 3.7
    OPT316B Black, Optima® Reclosable Lid 3.7

    Package Specs

    Stock Number UPC printed on film Package Type Packing Per Bag Packing Per Sleeve Bags Per Case
    OPT316 041594326329 Film Bag 100 100 10
    OPT316B 041594328049 Film Bag 100 100 10

    Case Specs

    Stock Number UPC printed on carton GTIN Ti/Hi Case Length Case Width Case Height Case Cube(ft³) Case Weight (lbs.)
    OPT316 041594326312 00041594326312 12/5 18.9 7.8 18.9 1.6 10
    OPT316B 041594338032 00041594338032 12/5 18.9 7.8 18.9 1.6 10
    • Fully Reclosable On-The-Go Solution - The Drink Well Plug™ creates a leak-resistant seal to reduce spills and splashes during transport.
    • 1 lid fits 5 cups: 10-24 oz cups have common lid fit to reduce storage requirements and increases operational efficiencies
    • Beverage Protector - The Drink Well Plug™ serves as a protective shield to prevent contamination, alleviating sanitation concerns
    • Image Enhancer - Upscale your coffee program with the Dart Optima Reclosable Lid paired with a Solo® paper hot cup!

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