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Our New Brand

Welcome to Dart

You’ll often hear our employees and customers say the same thing: “Dart is a well-kept secret.” They know our company is a powerhouse in our industry, providing millions of products that people across the world use every day to enjoy the food & drinks they love, wherever they are.

Yet many people who rely on our products daily have no idea who we are or what we do. Our growth from a small metal shop in Michigan to the global company we are today—while careful and deliberate—was achieved earnestly and quietly.

But today our industry is not only getting more and more competitive, it’s getting louder. Marketing messages are bombarding people from everywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have more options than ever before, and it’s getting more difficult for companies to stand out, attract customers and recruit great talent.

That’s why it’s time for Dart to stop being quiet.

It’s time for us to proudly and widely share our stories—stories about the benefits of our products and buying from us, the work we do to support our communities and the opportunities we have here to build fulfilling careers.

Our new Dart brand was thoughtfully designed to set the foundation for telling those stories. The new look and messaging is engaging, fun and different from anyone else, and speaks directly and honestly to the people with whom we do business. It was built on the idea that by sharing what’s true about who we are and what we have to offer—to our customers, employees and communities—we’ll rise above the competition and earn new and more devoted fans of our products and company.

With consistency of message and design internally and externally, as detailed in this Dart Brand Book, we’ll all be able to shine a brighter light on who we are so we can reach our goals and remain a successful company for decades to come. Together, let’s get the word out about Dart.

Jim Lammers, President
Dart's founders

Our Story

Dart makes everyday products that give people the freedom to enjoy the food & drinks they love, wherever they are. From to-go containers and dinnerware to tamper-evident food packaging and even the red Solo cup, our products have been keeping people on the go and having fun for more than 50 years.

Our customers around the world count on us for thoughtful design that truly meets the needs of their customers. We make products with dependable quality and deliver them with exceptional service. And since we know that making and selling these products has an effect on our environment, we take leadership and action to reduce or eliminate the impact they have on our neighborhoods, our towns and our planet.

We’re a family-owned, family-focused company with thousands of employees united by a shared set of values. We’re proud of our history—proud of those who have come before us and the good work they’ve done. And as we move into the next 50 years, we’re proud to design, produce and lead the way with each new generation of quality products.


What’s the singular goal we want to accomplish together?

Dart sets the Industry Standard of Excellence by safely and efficiently providing high-quality food and beverage packaging solutions and exceptionally reliable service to each and every one of our customers.


What guides us in all we do?

Reason & Logic
Teamwork &
Respect for the
Honesty &
Dedication &


How do we achieve results?


Focusing on our values, people and priorities allows us to achieve the results we need to create competitive advantages and remain the Industry Standard of Excellence.


Our short- and long-term goals are aligned with our priorities: safety, quality, service and efficiency.


Our employees’ efforts make it possible to accomplish our goals.


Our company’s values guide us in all we do.


A “brand” is the outward representation of a company’s four “Ps,” in order of importance: People, Products, Process and Public Face. That makes you—our Dart team—the most essential part!

This Brand Book lays out compelling language and visuals that work together to represent these four Ps in a way that’s authentic, unified and scalable.


To be a consistent brand, we’ve formed a narrow definition of what we do, how we do it and why we do it. But to be a strong brand, we always start with our why: the central reason we exist. It differentiates us and carves out our unique place in the market.

Why we do it

To give people the freedom to enjoy the food & drinks they love, wherever they are

What we do

We design and produce food & beverage packaging

How we do it

For whom?

People worldwide who consume food & beverages, in restaurants, at home and on the go

Who do we design and make these products for?
Our customers and the consumers they serve

Who do we sell these products to?
National and Corporate Accounts, Foodservice Distributors and Retailers


How do we describe the unique position we claim in the marketplace?

We give people the freedom to enjoy their food & drinks on the go. We demonstrate environmental leadership as we design and produce containers and dinnerware with dependable quality. Our customers around the world count on us for thoughtful design, exceptional service and a unique and growing set of products and services that meet their needs.

Brand Pillars

Everything Dart communicates stands on one or more of these pillars.

Human & Personal

We believe business is a human endeavor. So, at Dart, we practice the art of being real, authentic and transparent. Just real people, in real jobs, doing an honest day’s work. We’re not a nameless, faceless corporation. We are your friends and neighbors, united by shared values.

Environmental Leadership

As we give people the freedom to enjoy their food & drinks anywhere, we also accept our responsibility for the environmental effects of that freedom. We take leadership and we take action on initiatives that reduce or eliminate the impact our products have on our neighborhoods, our towns and our planet.

Thoughtful Design

We always design with our customers and consumers in mind. From brainstorming with customers about their next innovation to getting the product in consumers’ hands, we carefully consider all the factors that go into people enjoying their hot coffee, fresh fruit or spoonful of soup when they’re on the go.


You can count on Dart. If we say we’re going to do it, it’s going to get done. We’ll do our work safely, the quality will be top-notch and the service will be exceptional. Dart will come through for you every time.


If our brand were a person, what would they be like?


Easy to meet, know, talk to


Quick to understand, with sound thought and good judgment


Works with others on joint projects; shares easily


Enthusiastic and committed


Genuine, real, free of deceit or hypocrisy


When Dart speaks, how does it sound?

We speak in the modern, everyday, conversational language of professional peers. Our tone is personal, warm and—every once in a while—casual and folksy. We stay free of corporate lingo, buzzwords and business clichés. We are candid while remaining positive and optimistic. We are direct, but not curt; unpretentious, but never sloppy. We sound like a favorite coworker who communicates clearly and is a joy to work with.


How does our visual style reinforce everything we stand for?

Our Logo

The Dart signature oval is a stamp of quality, reliability and approval. It proudly sits on all company materials as a badge of honor.

Our typography

The primary fonts for Dart have a fresh, modern vibe. The pairing of Bicyclette, a quirky sans serif, with Super Clarendon, a classic legible serif, creates a friendly and approachable experience at every touchpoint.


Bicyclette bold for big, short overarching headlines and small, short caption styles


Bicyclette regular for subheaders


Super clarendon for body copy


Clarendon urw for large quantities of body copy (limited use only)


Proxima nova for small type size, captions, tables and legal claims (limited use only)

Our colors

Dart’s color palette is grounded in our signature blue, relaying a sense of dependability and strength. Accompanied by teal, yellow and a warm grey, the color family radiates a feeling of warmth that is both fresh and friendly.

Dart's colors

Our patterns and textures

Dart’s textures have a tactile rawness that help tell the story of hand-forged, handcrafted materials. Graphic in nature, these elements are a flexible component to the brand. They can be scaled up or down, used boldly with product photography, vary in color and sprinkled in more subtly.

Our shapes

Just like our products, our shapes are the vessels that anchor the brand. Their playful, energetic nature brings life to the brand, especially when paired with our patterns and textures.

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