Not your Average Chicken Nugget

Liven up your Kids' Menu with these family-friendly foodie ideas

As of last year, 48% of family’s food money was spent at restaurants. A family eatery will increase profits and just makes financial sense for most casual dining establishments. Consider these trends when revamping the kid’s menu: healthier choices, a twist on classics, and creativity. Don’t skimp on the quality ingredients and make both parents and children happy with fun flairs on natural, well-balanced meals and sides. Here are some kid-approved menu enhancements:

Super Sides

Instead of plain, greasy steak fries that are high in fat and sodium consider a colorful rainbow fruit cup that’s sure to capture the imagination of your tiniest dinner guests. Using Ultra Clear™ cups will display the array of treats beautifully.

A Nugget of Change

While kids are weary of change and chicken nuggets will always be top priority, amp it up with a silly slider with delicious toppings. A chicken nugget slider with a whole-wheat bun topping with a tomato, a few spinach leaves, and cheese is the sophisticated way to chicken nugget for your up-to-date kid’s menu. Use plates that match the size of the sandwich like 6-inch foam round plates for sliders.

Chicken Nugget Slider on foam plate

Not your Mama’s PB&J

Kids want what they want and there’s no denying that. Creating a quality meal out of everyday favorites will prove profitable. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a well-balanced meal option when eaten in moderation. The protein in the peanut butter fills kid’s tummies and using a natural 100% fruit spread will make parents happy. Use kid friendly, small plates for children’s menu items to avoid breaks and messes. Gooey peanut butter is no fun for your dishwasher.

Kids Cups

Here is a solution your wait staff and guests will appreciate: sturdy cups and lids. No one wants to clean up spilled chocolate milk or an orange soda covered outfit. Be prepared with kid cups and lids that featured fun, colorful designs.

Kids Cup Combo
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