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Dart Container Corporation Celebrates "Let's Make Thomaston Shine"



Thomaston, Georgia – The Dart Community Action Team (D-CAT), which is made up of friends and family of employees at Dart Container Corporation is pleased to announce their participation in spring community improvement projects across the city of Thomaston. This Spring Event was held in conjunction with the town’s "Let's Make Thomaston Shine" celebration.

“Dart Container is committed to a clean and litter-free Georgia, which means we will always be involved in programs like the “Let’s Make Thomaston Shine” Event. I am so grateful to all of the people in our community who are dedicated to making positive strides in our city,” said John Ross, Plant Manager at Dart’s Thomaston Facility.

The first leg of the D-CAT Spring Event was held on April 11 at the Thomaston Spring Cleaning Yard Sale where the D-CAT collected recyclable products like aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

Next, volunteers traveled to Upson Lee Elementary South on April 17 to teach third graders about the importance of recycling. Students learned about their role in helping the environment by reducing their waste, reusing products and knowing about what can be recycled by playing games pertaining to recycling and respecting their local community and the Earth.

Lastly, on June 6, 63 volunteers from Dart joined together at the Greatest Generation Park, the Dart Thomaston facility, and at the West Village Neighborhood to pick up litter. Additionally, the event focused on educating the next generation of volunteers by organizing games, music and coloring for children with the theme “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”

“This is a great event for all of us at Dart because it gives us an opportunity to give back. People often think they can't make a difference in their communities, but events like this prove that there are ample opportunities to do so,” said Karen Smith, Human Resources Manager at Dart Container. “And while it is imperative that we participate in these events, it is always as important to educate your inner circle about the recycling power they have every day!”