Brunchin’ on a Budget

5 Creative Ways to Cater a
Cost-effective Brunch

Brunch has become a Sunday tradition for the social eaters of 2018. A ritual weekend finale surrounded by food and friends has taken the restaurant industry by storm. From weddings to quick service brunch, this mealtime has never been more popular. Keeping up with these trendy feasts is exhausting. Your product choice doesn’t have to be.

Caffeine Corner

Of course, coffee is the number one priority. Morning events are bold even for the most experienced host. Keep your attendees caffeinated and the party going by offering coffee with an array of flavorful supplements. By using a less expensive coffee, you can invest in unique creamers, whipped cream, and fun toppings for guests to make their own special creations. Offer insulated paper hot cups with no-spill lids to sustain the warmth of beverages. This way no one has to pour out cold coffee for a hot new cup.

Savvy Style

Dinnerware can cost you hundreds of dollars, can easily be broken, and requires a dishwasher. Keep it simple without giving up style. A square plate made of plant-based renewable resources exudes class without hurting your wallet. Durability factors in when hungry brunchers start stacking up sticky, syrup-covered spreads. Provide dinnerware that’s hassle free and can hold up to any appetite. An eco-friendly plate will gain the respect of the environmentally friendly guests while keeping your overhead costs low.

Customizing is Caring

Premade items often turn to waste because of dietary restrictions or picky eaters. Conserve your resources by offering a variety of toppings and sides like crispy bacon or fruit in separate containers to adhere to attendee’s dietary limitations. Incorporate vegan and low calorie options to cover all the spectrums of a brunchee’s palate. Large plastic containers with clear lids show off range of toppings and sides, so guests can clearly see their options.

It’s the Thought that Counts

Creative party favors like premade pancake mix packaged in attractive containers is a thrifty thought for guests to remember the meal by. Clear lids are a seamless canvas for personalization. Writing clever notes or labeling lids with guest’s names will leave a lasting impression and have brunchers reminiscing for days.

Seconds Anyone?

Let brunch continue into the afternoon with leftover containers full of their favorites. Set up to-go stations at the end of the buffet and remind the group to take some home for later. This results in less clean-up for your crew and fewer wasteful leftovers. Maintain presentation by coordinating take home containers and dinnerware; a subtle detail for the experienced caterer.

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