A New Strategy to Boost Sales this Valentine’s Day

Potato wedges, smartphones, and the independent-eater…

A day full of couple’s discounts and reservations for two is a Hallmark holiday of the past. This February 14th, consider those living the single-life who want vast food and delivery options even Cupid would swoon over.

Reach your Market

With over 50% of the American population identifying as single, restaurants need to rethink their approach on Valentine’s Day. Appeal to solo diners by offering the indulgent foods they crave. Valentine’s is famous for upscale dining and assortments of chocolates, but research shows that is far from what your customers want. On average, singles spend between forty to seventy dollars on themselves for Valentine’s Day, and more than half want to eat at home. In fact, only a quarter of the population will celebrate by dining-in at a restaurant. With all this in mind, it’s probably time to evaluate how mobile-friendly your business can be. If your establishment doesn’t utilize a mobile app for delivery or take-out orders, it’s time to invest in one. Third-party delivery services are a great option to employ, ensuring that customers are content eating their favorite meal from the couch.  

Feed the Festive

Eateries from American to Asian will be sought after this holiday. Singles want take-out and delivery that covers all their cravings and may even order from more than one restaurant. According to NBC, potato wedges are the most-ordered app by singles. Consider a coupon on potato wedges to drive sales, and remember, health is one thing that is not on the mind of consumers on Cupid’s special day. Data shows singles want fatty, greasy cuisine. For the main entrée, singles obsess over pizza, wings, and egg rolls. Another creative option that will have profits soaring this holiday is sushi, which is ordered fifteen percent more this day than any other day of the year.

P.S. Do not overlook dessert. As a “Treat Yourself” holiday, consumers will spend the extra bucks for something topped in fudge. Over 50% of people will order an item with cocoa in it on Valentine’s Day. And if you’re feeling cheeky, heart-shaped orders will be the creative spin your customers are looking for. Think comfort, calorie-filled, and over-the-top presentation.


Quality Matters

With a slew of deliveries on the to-do list, the last thing you want is a bad customer review saying their food was late or cold. Your meals are in high demand, so make sure it remains that way after this hungry holiday. Using products that keep food fresh until the last stop is of the utmost importance. Containers that insulate heat and have secure lids will make deliveries go smoothly and keep customers happy. Transport with ease and get the job done with quality products at affordable prices.

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