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About Recycla-Pak

The Recycla-Pak program is a convenient foam cup take-back program offered for sale by Dart distributors in the contiguous U.S. Customers are given a collection bin that also doubles as a carton to ship foam cups back to Dart for recycling when it is full. A pre-paid shipping label is included.

The bins are shipped flat to customers and are easy to assemble. The bin’s divided interior neatly stacks collected cups and maximizes the number of cups that fit into the bin. It also discourages users from depositing anything but their used foam cups.

To ensure foam cup recycling efforts are successful, posters and table tents instructing patrons how to recycle foam cups are available. By recycling foam cups, businesses can make a positive environmental difference, which customers will recognize and appreciate.

To get started, follow these four simple steps:


Purchase Recycla-Pak kits from your Dart distributor (Stock number: RPC1)


Set up a Recycla-Pak carton as a foam cup collection bin.


Place instructional posters and table tents at your business to promote foam cup recycling.


When full of empty foam cups, seal the bag and carton before shipping back to Dart for recycling.

Each Recycla-Pak Foam Cup Recycling Kit contains: 

  • Two (2) Corrugated collection bins
    • Shipping Dimensions: 3”21.5”x32”
    • Assembled Dimensions: 11”x20”x26”
  • Two (2) Plastic liner bags
  • Two (2) Cardboard dividers for cup nesting
  • One (1) Instructional poster for display
  • One (1) Promotional window cling for display
  • One (1) Instruction sheet (PDF)


For more information on Recyla-Pak, contact your Dart Sales Representative or ask your Dart distributor for the following:

Stock Number: RPC1 
Description: Foam Cup Recycling Kit