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Dart Community Action Team

About DCAT

We celebrate and encourage community involvement throughout Dart. Each year, Dart team members around the world take part in projects to improve the communities where they live and work through our Dart Community Action Team (DCAT).

On any given weekend, Dart team members, families, and friends take part in litter cleanups or recycling events. Together, we volunteer hundreds of hours annually in each of our local communities.



“I am so grateful to all of the people in our community who are dedicated to making positive strides in our city.”

– John Ross, Thomaston Plant Manager.


“People often think they can’t make a difference in their communities, but events like this prove that there are ample opportunities to do so, and while it is imperative that we participate in these events, it is always as important to educate your inner circle about the recycling power they have every day.”

– Kerri Smith, Human Resources Manager

Our Recycling Partners