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New SafeSeal™ Snack Cups

SafeSeal™ Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident Snack Cups

With the same tamper-resistant, tamper-evident features you already trust from our SafeSeal™ line, these snack cups inhibit tampering and increase customer confidence in your food. The 360° perimeter seal preserves product freshness and prevents leaks and spills. You can proudly showcase your Grab and Go offerings in these clear, durable cups. Our SafeSeal™ Snack Cups can be used with our Cup Inserts to add sauces, dips, or toppings to increase your variety of snack offerings!


Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident Features

90% of global consumers believe brands have a big responsibility to ensure product safety​ (WestRock Company, 2016). The MicroTrim Edge™ inhibits the ability to lift the lid from the base without tearing the hinge. The TamperAlert™ Hinge gives customers a visual cue that their food is safely sealed and protected, and eliminates excess plastic, like shrink bands or wrap labels.


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