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    20 (592) oz.

    Stock Number: 20X16

    Thermo-Glaze™ Cups


    Capture the essence of your image with Thermo-Glaze™, Dart's premium line of foam cups available in custom print. Your logo will be "on display" with the high-density, high-gloss construction of Thermo-Glaze™ behind it. Combining the insulation and dependability of Dart® foam with a sleek upscale design, these cups provide a more comfortable and pleasing drinking experience for both hot and cold beverages. Combine Thermo-Glaze™ cups with any of our standard Dart lids, and you've got the perfect "on-the-go" beverage container.

    Besides dual use for hot and cold, Thermo-Glaze™ provides portion control for increased returns. Switching to Thermo-Glaze™ premium foam cups can decrease your beverage expense and increase your bottom line.

    Availible exclusively for custom printing, and in our Uptown™ stock print.


    Product Specifications

    • Brand:
    • Stock Number:
    • Description:
      20 oz. (592ml)
    • Diameter of Top inches(cm):
      3.6 (9.1)
    • Diameter of Base inches(cm):
      2.4 (6.1)
    • Height inches(cm):
      6.8 (17.3)

    Package/Case Specifications

    • Stock Number:
    • Sleeve:
    • Case Pack:
    • Stock Number:
    • Case Cube ft³(m³):
      6.5 (.184)
    • Case Weight lbs(kg):
      9.6 (4.4)

    All cup capacities are flush fill

    Thermo-Glaze™ custom print minimum order quantity is 50,000 cups per size and design

    * 24X16 is a special order item. A minimum order volume may be required.

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