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    Thermo-Glaze™ Cups

    Thermo-Glaze™ Cups

    Capture the essence of your image with Thermo-Glaze™, Dart's premium line of foam cups available in custom print. Your logo will be "on display" with the high-density, high-gloss construction of Thermo-Glaze™ behind it. Combining the insulation and dependability of Dart® foam with a sleek upscale design, these cups provide a more comfortable and pleasing drinking experience for both hot and cold beverages. Combine Thermo-Glaze™ cups with any of our standard Dart lids, and you've got the perfect "on-the-go" beverage container.

    Besides dual use for hot and cold, Thermo-Glaze™ provides portion control for increased returns. Switching to Thermo-Glaze™ premium foam cups can decrease your beverage expense and increase your bottom line.

    Availible exclusively for custom printing, and in our Uptown™ stock print.


    Product Specs

    Stock Number Description Diameter of Top inches(cm) Diameter of Base inches(cm) Height inches(cm)
    8X8 8 oz. (237 ml) 3.2 (8.1) 1.9 (4.8) 3.5 (8.9)
    12X12 12 oz. (355 ml) 3.5 (8.9) 2.1 (5.3) 4.4 (11.2)
    16X16 16 oz. (473 ml) 3.6 (9.1) 2.3 (5.8) 5.3 (13.5)
    20X16 20 oz. (592ml) 3.6 (9.1) 2.4 (6.1) 6.8 (17.3)
    24X16* 24 oz. (710ml) 3.6 (9.1) 2.4 (6.1) 7.2 (18.3)

    Package Specs

    Stock Number Sleeve Case Pack
    8X8 25 1000
    12X12 25 1000
    16X16 25 1000
    20X16 20 500
    24X16* 20 500

    Case Specs

    Stock Number Case Cube ft³(m³) Case Weight lbs(kg)
    8X8 4.1 (.116) 7.1 (3.2)
    12X12 6.2 (.176) 10.7 (4.9)
    16X16 8.6 (.244) 13.8 (6.3)
    20X16 6.5 (.184) 9.6 (4.4)
    24X16* 7.9 (.224) 11.2 (5.1)

    Features, Advantages & Benefits

    Features Advantages Benefits
    Insulated Helps maintain beverage temperature, quality, and taste Increases customer satisfaction
    Dual Use Permits use for hot or cold beverages Reduces inventory needs
    Flared-Lip Cup Design Provides an attractive, upscale presentation Increases perceived value of beverage
    High-Gloss Surface Provides optimal surface for custom printing Enhances print graphics
    Extra sturdy construction Minimizes crushed or damaged cups Reduces customer complaints
    Flush-Fill Capactiy Provides portion control Increases profits
    One-Piece Construction No seams to leak Reduces cleaning costs
    Print Capability Available custom printed in up to 4 spot colours Improved customer recognition and enhances business image
    Lid Interchangeability One lid fits multiple cup sizes Reduces storage requirements and lidding confusion

    All cup capacities are flush fill

    Thermo-Glaze™ custom print minimum order quantity is 50,000 cups per size and design

    * 24X16 is a special order item. A minimum order volume may be required.

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