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    Expressions™ Modified Polystyrene Plastic Square Bases

    Expressions™ Modified Polystyrene Plastic Square Bases


    A stylish, trendy container design invites sales. Expressions™ square bases and lids provide a high quality, straight-to-the-table dining experience that inspires preference and motivates sales. Packages feature leak-resistant, easy-to-close lids ideal for display, casual dine-in, and to-go applications. Bases are a good choice for some hot foods and microwave applications.


    Product Specs

    Stock Number Description Length in(cm) Width in(cm) Height inches(cm)
    972012-PM04 7.5in (19.1cm) Carryout Container - Black 7.5 (19.1) 7.5 (19.1) 1.0 (2.5)

    Package Specs

    Stock Number Sleeve Sleeves Per Case Case Pack
    972012-PM04 300 1 300

    Case Specs

    Stock Number Ti/Hi Case Length inches(cm) Case Width inches(cm) Case Height inches(cm) Case Cube ft³(m³) Case Weight lbs(kg)
    972012-PM04 5/6 22.2 (56.4) 15.8 (40.2) 15.8 (40.2) 3.2 (.091) 14.4 (6.5)


    Stock Number UPC printed on film UPC printed on carton GTIN
    972012-PM04 None 8 46280 00000 8 1 08 46280 00000 5

    Features, Advantages & Benefits

    Features Advantages Benefits
    Sturdy, Stylish and Trendy Shape Emulates china used in fine dining Makes lasting impression and increases repeat sales
    Table-Ready Design Eliminates prep time and need for permanent ware clean up Restaurant experience at home
    Square Shape Maximizes space on pre-pack displays of grab ‘n go options Reduces labour costs to refill
    Angled Sides Larger portion perception Increases value to consumer
    Attractive Black Bottom Tray Makes food stand out for appetizing meal presentation Creates a memorable food experience
    Clear Lids Provides visibility of the food contents Avoids errors and increases pre- packaged food sales
    Shallow Profile Saves space when stacked Maximizes shelf & frig space; more packages fit in single bag
    Separate Lids Mix and match or eliminate Choose how to merchandise; no lid needed for dine-in occasions
    Easy-To-Close “2 Plus 2” Design Quickly closes with audible snap at two corners then other two Keeps operation running efficiently with secure lids
    Variety 0f Materials-One Design Perfect solution for wide assortment of hot or cold foods Family appearance makes place setting look attractive


    Stock Number Material
    972012-PM04 PM - Modified Polystyrene

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