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    Creative Carryouts® OctaView™ Polystyrene Plastic (Hot)

    Creative Carryouts® OctaView™ Polystyrene Plastic (Hot)

    To-go packages that do the selling for you

    Consumers taste with their eyes before buying. This unique octagon design turns visual attraction into customer satisfaction. It boosts portion perception and drives impulse sales. Attractive black base and clear lid allow premium pricing with unmatched sales appeal. OctaView® is the container of choice for upscale and casual dining on the go. Good choice for many hot foods or applications requiring microwave reheating.


    Product Specs

    Stock Number Description Length in(cm) Width in(cm) Height inches(cm)
    864035-PM94* 9.0 in (24.9 cm) Hinged Deep Container - Black/Clear 9.6 (24.4) 9.2 (23.4) 3.2 (8.1)
    864036-PM94 9.0 in (22.9 cm) Hinged Three Compartment Medium Container - Black/Clear 9.6 (24.4) 9.2 (23.4) 2.4 (6.1)

    Package Specs

    Stock Number Sleeve Sleeves Per Case Case Pack
    864035-PM94* 100 1 100
    864036-PM94 100 1 100

    Case Specs

    Stock Number UPC printed on carton GTIN Ti/Hi Case Length inches(cm) Case Width inches(cm) Case Height inches(cm) Case Cube ft³(m³) Case Weight lbs(kg)
    864035-PM94* 041165203424 00041165203424 10/4 17.3 (44.0) 9.7 (24.6) 20.0 (50.8) 1.9 (.055) 13.8 (6.3)
    864036-PM94 041165202687 00041165202687 10/4 17.3 (44.0) 9.7 (24.6) 20.0 (50.8) 1.9 (.055) 14.2 (6.4)
    • Sturdy octagon design enhances food presentation and portion perception allowing premium pricing
    • Unique shape with attractive black base and high-clarity hinged lid preserves food integrity and creates a lasting impression and repeat sales
    • Easy-to-use one-piece, hinged package reduces labor costs and improves operation efficiency
    • Perfect choice for hot foods or applications requiring re-heating in the microwave

    *Special order item. A minimum order volume may be required.

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