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    Stock Number: 844001-PS94*

    Creative Carryouts® Hinged Box Line


    Easy-close package that's ready in a snap

    Busy lifestyles make it difficult to find time for food preparation at home. Take out meals have become an essential part of the consumer's daily routine and a way for the operator to increase sales. The hinged Dinner Box with easy to close lids snap securely shut and prevent slippage when stacked. Venting and secure closure preserves just-prepared quality. Fog-resistant lids enhance hot food appeal and package design allows re-heating of many foods in the microwave. Quite simply, the Dinner Box containers can impact your sales in a big way.


    Product Specifications

    • Brand:
    • Stock Number:
    • Description:
      8.75x6 in (15.7x22.1 cm) Deli Box Medium - Black/Clear
    • Length in(cm):
      8.7 (22.1)
    • Width in(cm):
      6.2 (15.7)
    • Height inches(cm):
      2.2 (5.6)
    • Special Features:
      1-Compartment,Hinged,Leak Guard Closure
    • Materials:
      PS - Polystyrene
    • Patents:


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    Package/Case Specifications

    • Stock Number:
    • UPC printed on film:
    • Sleeve:
    • Sleeves Per Case:
    • Case Pack:
    • Stock Number:
    • UPC printed on carton:
      0 41165 20326 4
    • GTIN:
      0 00 41165 20326 4
    • Ti/Hi:
    • Case Length inches(cm):
      19.3 (49.1)
    • Case Width inches(cm):
      13.0 (33.0)
    • Case Height inches(cm):
      18.1 (46.0)
    • Case Cube ft³(m³):
      2.6 (.075)
    • Case Weight lbs(kg):
      23.8 (10.8)

    *844001-PS94 & 836011-PS94 are special Order items. A minimum order volume may be required.

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