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    8 oz.

    Stock Number: CH8DEF

    ClearPac® SafeSeal™ Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident Containers


    Clear Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident Containers

    Made of PET, ClearPac® SafeSeal™ containers are specifically designed to inhibit tampering, eliminating the need for shrink bands and wrap labels. The TamperAlert Hinge protrudes outward when torn, alerting the customer that the container has been opened. The hinge remains attached to the container, for no loose plastic pieces. ClearPac SafeSeal containers function as an easy to re-close and re-open, leak-resistant and two-piece container once the hinge is torn. ClearPac SafeSeal has exceptional performance in cold temperatures and accommodates freezing down to -30 °C (-22 °F).

    Made of recyclable PET ♳
    Check locally, may not be recycled in your area


    Product Specifications

    • Brand:
    • Stock Number:
    • Description:
      8 oz Container with Flat Lid
    • Length in(cm):
      5.5 (13.9)
    • Width in(cm):
      4.9 (12.4)
    • Height inches (cm):
      1.4 (3.6)
    • Materials:
      PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate
    • Patents:

      • HONG KONG

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    Package/Case Specifications

    • Stock Number:
    • Sleeve:
    • Case Pack:
    • Stock Number:
    • UPC printed on carton:
      0 41594 83609 5
    • GTIN:
      0 00 41594 83609 5
    • Ti/Hi:
    • Case Length inches (cm):
      22.7 (57.7)
    • Case Width inches (cm):
      10.2 (25.9)
    • Case Height inches (cm):
      11.9 (30.2)
    • Case Cube ft³(m³):
      1.6 (0.05)
    • Case Weight lbs (kg):
      8.4 (3.81)

    *Special order item. A minimum order volume may be required.