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    MicroGourmet™ Polypropylene Plastic Food Container Lids

    MicroGourmet™ Polypropylene Plastic Food Container Lids

    Versatile and durable.

    Busy operations will appreciate how this line allows prepackaged foods to be refrigerated and microwave-heated in the same container. Five different container sizes use one common lid and excellent contact clarity when pairing these lids with Solo's translucent containers.


    Product Specs

    Stock Number Description Lid Diameter inches(cm)
    NL8RT-7000 Polypropylene Food Container Lid - Contact Clear 4.8 (12.2)
    NL8WN-0007* Polypropylene Food Container Lid - White 4.8 (12.2)

    Package Specs

    Stock Number Sleeve Sleeves Per Case Case Pack
    NL8RT-7000 50 10 500
    NL8WN-0007* 50 10 500

    Case Specs

    Stock Number Ti/Hi Case Length inches(cm) Case Width inches(cm) Case Height inches(cm) Case Cube ft³(m³) Case Weight lbs(kg)
    NL8RT-7000 8/5 24.8 (63.0) 10.1 (25.6) 17.9 (45.4) 2.6 (.073) 7.5 (3.4)
    NL8WN-0007* 8/5 24.8 (63.0) 10.1 (25.6) 17.9 (45.4) 2.6 (.073) 7.5 (3.4)


    Stock Number UPC printed on film UPC printed on carton GTIN
    NL8RT-7000 0 41165 11438 6 0 41165 11437 9 0 00 41165 11437 9
    NL8WN-0007* 0 41165 11677 9 0 41165 11676 2 0 00 41165 11676 2

    Features, Advantages & Benefits

    Features Advantages Benefits
    Traditional Round “Tub” Shape Straight side design maximizes capacity with stable footprint Easy to use, well-known package keeps food secure
    Versatile Polypropylene material "For use with hot or cold foods (Temperature range: 32° to 240° F / 0°C to 115°C)" Minimizes confusion and inventory costs
    Contact Clear Excellent contact clarity makes food visible Reduces errors and increases pre-packaged food sales
    Available with White Sidewall (by special order) Minimizes ultra-violet light Keeps contents fresh and extends shelf life
    Recessed Tight Fitting Lid Keeps lid in place until ready to open and prevents leaking No messy spills during handling and transport
    Large flat Sidewall Print Surface Enhances customer logo and merchandising message Increases brand recognition and repeat sales
    One Lid Fits All Containers (5 containers – 1 lid) Less confusion and inventory Saves time, reduces storage space and inventory cost

    *NL8WN-0007 is a special order item. A minimum order volume may be required.

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