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Update on potential food and beverage plastic packaging ban


Update on potential food and beverage plastic packaging ban

(Toronto, CA)

June 28, 2019

Dear Valued Customer, 


We’d like to update you on Dart’s extensive involvement in opposing the recently announced proposal regarding a potential food and beverage plastic packaging ban in Canada.

The proposal announced by Prime Minister Trudeau is in the earliest stages of the legislative process and no decisions or government directives have been issued. According to the Prime Minister’s announcement, a government-led scientific review of plastic substrates will precede further action. In addition, future Canadian federal policies might focus more on boosting recycling with financial support from manufacturers and/or encouraging the use of recycled content and renewable resources for packaging rather than outright bans. This provides Dart and other stakeholders the opportunity to influence future policy regarding single-use plastic foodservice bans in a way that allows for science and practical solutions to prevail.

Currently, we are working with the Canadian Plastics Industry Association to provide the government with scientific information about our products, including their positive environmental attributes. In addition, the industry is working to form a coalition of up to 500 Canadian plastics manufacturers to further guide federal policy decisions.

Dart is an environmental leader with a strong presence in Canada. To advance the success of recycling programs, Dart has recently formed a close relationship with recycling innovator GreenMantra. Our close relationship with recyclers like GreenMantra will help us lead others toward a circular economy solution for single-use foodservice products made from plastics.

Going forward we will continue to take a leadership role in promoting legislation that is based on sound rationale and anchored in science. We will keep you updated as the situation progresses.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our company.



Steven Schildt

Vice President, Business Management – Canada

Dart Canada Inc.


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