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Community Celebrates Renewable Energy Project That Will Transform Municipal Landfills to Usable Energy Benefiting Residents


Project Led by Dart Container Uses Gas Recovered From the Lanchester And Conestoga Municipal Landfills As A Source Of Renewable Energy

Leola, PA — Dart Container today was joined by city and community leaders for a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate Dart’s landfill gas to energy cogeneration project. The initiative enables Dart to use gas recovered from Lanchester and Conestoga municipal landfills as a source of renewable energy to produce electricity, boiler fuel and steam.

This project is expected to produce energy equivalent to powering more than 6,000 homes. In addition, annual air quality benefits expected may be equal to eliminating the consumption of 54 million gallons of gasoline.

“This is an innovative project that transforms landfill gas into renewable energy benefiting our communities,” said State Senator Mike Brubaker (R-36). “We appreciate Dart Container’s leadership and commitment to create a more sustainable future.”

In 2004, Dart Container partnered with Granger Energy Services on Dart’s first pilot landfill methane project. For this project, Dart began using landfill gas from Lanchester Landfill in south-central Pennsylvania to fill energy needs at its Leola plant. In 2008, Granger tied in an additional pipeline to Conestoga Landfill. Pipelines from these two landfills were joined to create approximately 24 miles of landfill gas pipeline and provided the volume of gas necessary to fuel nine boilers, two remote thermal oxidizers and two oriented polystyrene (OPS) ovens at the Dart facility.

Dart then envisioned how it could make use of even more landfill gas to provide renewable energy for its operations. In September 2010, a second project was initiated, which would add two combustion turbine generators fueled by landfill gas.

“Dart is dedicated to working with partners and finding solutions to common challenges that will help enhance the communities in which we do business,” said Clarence Wenger, Dart Plant Manager. “And the landfill gas to energy cogeneration project is just one of the solutions we’ve worked with the community to launch.”

“We were thrilled to partner with Dart on such an incredible project that does so much for our communities,” said Joel Zylstra, Chief Operating Officer and President of Granger Energy Services. “It is an honor to be part of an initiative that is not only environmentally beneficial, but economically beneficial to the state of Pennsylvania and its residents.”

Renewable energy resources—such as solar, wind, biomass, hydropower, and landfill gas—reduce GHG emissions by replacing fossil fuels. Renewables also reduce emissions of conventional air pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide, that result from fossil fuel combustion. In addition, renewable energy can create jobs and open new markets for the local economy, and can be used as a hedge against price fluctuations of fossil fuels.

Dart invested more than $20 million in the Leola cogeneration project. Dart has turned to renewable energy as a strategy to reduce greenhouse gases, improve air quality and energy security, and boost the local economy.

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