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Dart Products Ltd (UK) Opens West Midlands' First Free Public Polystyrene Foam Collection Centre


Dart Products Ltd encourages residents and businesses to divert polystyrene foam from landfills at its free foam collection centre in the UK

CRADLEY HEATH, West Midlands – Polystyrene foam collection has arrived in the West Midlands. Dart Products Ltd has today unveiled the first free public polystyrene foam collection centre in the West Midlands where local businesses, residents and organisations can drop off foam with the number 6 on it for recycling.

Polystyrene foam recycling is not always available through local authority collection and generally cannot be placed in a recycling bin because of its bulk. Dart’s public polystyrene foam collection centre will pioneer a new way for the residents, businesses and organisations in the West Midlands to dispose of polystyrene foam for recycling.

Dart’s polystyrene foam collection site is one of the UK’s first public sites to accept polystyrene foam food service containers, including polystyrene foam cups, plates, take‐out containers and egg cartons. The drop‐off centre will divert polystyrene foam from area landfills and allow it to be recycled into new products.

“We’re really pleased to be able to offer for the first time in the West Midlands, a free collection site for businesses and residents to dispose of polystyrene foam for recycling. Polystyrene foam is an excellent packaging material and disposing of it in a landfill should be a last resort if possible. Businesses often have to pay to dispose of the bulk amounts of foam packaging they receive,” said Phil Pearson, Environmental Affairs at Dart Products Ltd. “The drop‐off facility is completely free and open to the public seven days a week.”

Once the polystyrene foam is dropped off at the Dart collection centre, Dart works with local company Alwin Ltd who reprocesses the foam and sells it to manufacturers that make new products such as garden furniture, building insulation, office desk products or protective foam packaging.

“The new collection site is a welcome extension to Dart’s continuous efforts to raise awareness about the benefits of foam recycling. Dart’s commitment to encouraging polystyrene foam recycling is important and timely as we celebrated Recycling Week last week,” said Mr. Pearson.

To mark this special occasion, Dart Products Ltd held a ribbon‐cutting launch event on Wednesday 29th June at the new drop‐off facility at Dart Products, Garratts Lane, Cradley Heath.

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