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The X-Men X Factor: Recycling Foam


Dart Container Corp. and Twentieth Century Fox Join Forces to Recycle and Reuse Foam Products Used to Build Temporary Sets during X-Men: First Class Filming

PLANT CITY, FL – Dart Container Corp., a leading manufacturer of foodservice and packaging products, has partnered with Fox to recycle foam material from the set of the latest X-Men film, “X-Men: First Class.’’ To date, more than 7,500 pounds of foam have been recycled, or approximately seven semi-truck loads, some of which was reused to develop additional sets for the film.

As part of the collaboration, Dart picked up foam products used on the set of “X-Men: First Class”, which recently filmed in Brunswick, Ga., and transported them to its nearby manufacturing plants in Lithonia, Ga. and Plant City, Fla. At the plants, the foam was processed so it can be recycled into other products, including plastic molding. These efforts are notable in assisting Fox with reducing the environmental impact associated with production of the film.

These plants, as well as 11 other Dart facilities throughout the country, have drop-off facilities where people can drop off foam products, including foam cups, for recycling. These facilities accept foam foodservice and packaging products, which is then dealt to manufacturers that reprocess it to make other useful products, including premium picture frames, crown molding and agricultural products.

“Dart is committed to driving recycling efforts through the infrastructure we provide at our manufacturing facilities and other efforts across the country,” said Michael Westerfield, Corporate Director of Recycling Programs at Dart. “This partnership continues to highlight that foam recycling is both possible and practical.’’

Often improperly called “Styrofoam,” a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company, Dart’s products are recyclable and reusable. Foam products generate less waste in their production than paper alternatives, are stable and safe in landfills, and burn cleanly in modern municipal energy fromwaste facilities.

About Dart Container Corporation

Established in 1937, Dart Container Corporation sets the industry standard of excellence by providing high quality, recyclable, affordable and safe foodservice products, exceptionally reliable service and responsible environmental practices.Dart is making a concerted effort to increase foam recycling opportunities throughout the country and is headquartered in Mason, Mich. For more information, visit or call (800) 248-5960.