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First Mexico Foam Recycling Plant Inaugurated


Atlacomulco, Edo. Mexico, June 16, 2010. - As part of its strategy to support the community, Dart de México launched its first collection center for recycling of foam (expanded polystyrene) in Mexico, which will have capacity to process 400 tons of this material annually. This free service will help reduce the storage of this material in Mexico landfills.

Altacomulco Recycling Center

Once foam is dropped off at Dart, a compactor is used to transform a pile of foam the size of a small car into a block of plastic approximately 12” X 18” X 18”. The blocks are then shipped to a company that will use it as feed stock to make premium picture frames. To be accepted for recycling, the foam must bear the “6” symbol with chasing arrows (♸). Common forms of foaminclude packaging foam used to protect electronics during shipping, egg cartons, fast food take-out containers, foam plates, and foam cups.

Hector Tenopala, Plant Manager of Dart of Mexico, said that for the company it is important to create foam #6 recycling opportunities such as this. "In America we operate 13 collection centers, and found a great acceptance by the people of each state and region. That's why we are pleased to initiate this effort in Atlacomulco, demonstrating our commitment to the community," he said.

"This new center will have a positive impact on the environment and community in the region. Dart is spearheading the recycling of this material, adhering to environmental regulations, as well as international environmental standards," he commented.

Altacomulco Recycling Center Sign

Martina Montero, National Sales Manager for Dart of Mexico, said that this opening is a significant advance in the care of the environment, and that Dart will be the pioneer in the handling of this raw material. "For us it is vital to have a 360 ° focus on our business, besides being world leaders in sales of foam, we also seek to contribute to the improvement of the environment" she added.

The first collection center for recycling post-consumer polystyrene disposable products will be available as of June 17, 2010 at the Dart de México plant, located in Av Maximino Montiel Olmos, Mz. 18, Lte 2 Atlacomulco Industrial Park, Atlacomulco, Edo de Mexico, and will be available for all companies and individuals who want to contribute to the recycling of this product. The collection center is open 365 days a year.

Foam containing the logo that bear the “6” symbol with chasing arrows (♸) can be deposited as follows:

• Material must be clean and free of food scraps, tape, and labels.
• Deposit in clear bags
• Do not include lids, plastic straws or spoons

About Dart de Mexico
Dart de Mexico was established in 1996, and sets the industry standard of excellence by providing food containers and packaging that are of high quality, affordable, safe, and made with a material that can be recycled where facilities exist. Dart is headquartered in Mason, Michigan, USA. For more information visit