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Dart Container Brings Foam Recycling Education to Great LA River Cleanup for 2nd Year


Foodservice product company finds a green home for discarded foam at their recycling facilities

LOS ANGELES – For the 2nd year, Dart Container Corporation had a table at the 21st annual Great LA River Clean up, where employees both educated volunteers about the recyclability of foam and picked up litter along the Steelhead Park site.

Dart brought foam recycling education to the annual Friends of the Los Angeles River event on May 8 to remind consumers that foam products, like many other plastics, are recyclable, and to encourage the responsible public disposal of litter as a way of preserving an important Los Angeles watershed and habitat. Foam can be made into a variety of consumer goods such as building insulation, decorative moulding, and picture frames. Because foam with the number 6 on it  is a thermoplastic, it can be recycled over and over again.

“Once again, we’re proud to be an official sponsor of the Great Los Angeles River Cleanup,” said Michael Westerfield, Corporate Director of Recycling Programs at Dart Container Corporation. “It’s a great way to show Dart’s support to create recycling infrastructure for the products we manufacture.”

Dart employee volunteers from its Corona facility joined hundreds of other volunteers in the effort. They picked up garbage along the Steelhead Park river ‐ one of 14 clean‐up sites. The site is in Elysian Valley. “We’re happy to have Dart on board again this year,” said Shelly Backlar, Executive Director of FoLAR. “We  commend their volunteer efforts to beautify our waterways as well as educate the public about the recyclability of foam as an official sponsor.”

Often improperly called “Styrofoam,” a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company, Dart’s products are recyclable and reusable in Los Angeles, which includes foam products as part of its Blue Bin curbside recycling program. The company is driving recycling efforts from its California manufacturing facilities in Lodi
and Corona to workplaces across the state, and from its warehouse recycling centers to consumers’ homes in curbside recycling efforts, such as L.A.’s “New to Blue.” In addition, Dart operates 13 public foam drop‐off locations throughout the country at its production plants in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Washington. Together these centers can reprocess more than 12 million pounds of foam annually.

Foam can be recycled by:

About Dart Container Corporation

Established in 1937, Dart Container Corporation sets the industry standard of excellence by providing high quality, recyclable, affordable and safe foodservice products and packaging, exceptionally reliable service and responsible environmental practices. Dart is making a concerted effort to increase foam recycling
opportunities throughout the country and strives to produce high‐quality, cost‐effective products in a manner sensitive to environmental concerns. Dart is headquartered in Mason, Mich. For more information, visit or call (800) 248‐5960.

About Friends of the Los Angeles River

Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR) is a 501(c) 3 non‐profit organization founded in 1986, whose mission is to protect and restore the natural and historic heritage of the Los Angeles River and its riparian habitat through inclusive planning, education and wise stewardship. Now running over 50 miles long ‐ from the
suburbs of the San Fernando Valley to the ocean in Long Beach ‐ the Los Angeles River flows through 14 cities and countless neighborhoods. For more information, visit or call (323) 223‐0585.