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Dart Container Corp.’s New U.S. Line of Stock Printed Foam Cups Extend Company’s Efforts to Showcase “Green” Benefits of Foam


MASON, MI – Foam is greener than some people may think, and the Dart Container Corporation is extending its efforts to educate consumers about the environmental benefits of  foam on its new U.S. line of printed stock cups.

Ten different messages printed with solvent-free UV inks on the brightly-colored hot and cold beverage cups serve up facts about the recyclability of foam and how foam compares environmentally to similar paper-based products.  The messages, which invite consumers to learn more at , reinforce Dart’s efforts nationwide to promote recycling of foam, and to dispel misperceptions about foam’s environmental attributes.

“Dart has been recycling post-consumer foam since 1990,’’ said Michael Westerfield, corporate director of recycling programs at Dart.  “Foam is convenient, affordable, and it keeps food safe.  We’re using these messages to remind consumers about the many environmental benefits of using foam and to encourage the recycling of foam products imprinted with the number ‘6’ resin identification code.’’

The first cups and containers bearing the new messages will be shipped in coming weeks as existing inventories of Dart’s varied stock printed foam cups are depleted at Dart manufacturing facilities nationwide.  Those stock printed cups include: Horizon®, Café G®, Escape®, Uptown TM, RPM®, and Impulse®.

The imprinted messages include:

“We’ve included other messages in the past, and they have been well received by consumers, as well as the business people who purchase them for their retail stores and restaurants,’’ Westerfield said.  “All of us are looking for ways to engage in practices that minimize environmental impacts and, as these messages reflect, foam can play an important role in that.  Dart is making foam recycling easier, and we support and aid environmental efforts that reduce litter and blight.’’

Dart is driving recycling efforts from its manufacturing facilities to workplaces, warehouse recycling centers, and consumers’ homes in curbside recycling efforts across the country.  Often improperly called “Styrofoam,” a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company, Dart’s products are reusable and can be reprocessed into building insulation, plastic lumber, and many other products.  Foam products generate less waste in their production than paper alternatives, are stable and safe in landfills, and burn cleanly in modern municipal energy-from-waste facilities.

Capable of reprocessing 12 million pounds of foam products annually, Dart has brought 13 public foam recycling drop-off facilities to states across the country, including Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington, Texas, North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Illinois and Kentucky.  


About Dart Container Corporation

Established in 1937, Dart Container Corporation sets the industry standard of excellence by providing high quality, recyclable, affordable and safe foodservice products and packaging, exceptionally reliable service and responsible environmental practices.  Dart is making a concerted effort to increase foam recycling opportunities throughout the country and strives to produce high-quality, cost-effective products in a manner sensitive to environmental concerns.  Dart is headquartered in Mason, Mich.  For more information, visit or call (800) 248-5960.