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The Dart Recycla-Pak program is an easy way for any Dart customer to recycle their foam cups. Simply purchase a specially designed Recycla-Pak corrugated collection bin and you can start recycling foam cups.


The Recycla-Pak collection bin doubles as the shipping carton used to return the collected cups for recycling at a Dart or industry recycling facility. The bin will be shipped to you flat and, after a simple assembly, you are ready to begin collecting used foam cups for recycling. During use, the divided interior of the bin keeps the collected cups neatly stacked. This serves to maximize the number of cups that will fit into the bin as well as discourage users from depositing anything but their used foam cups.

To ensure your foam cup recycling effort is a success, posters and table tents instructing patrons on how to recycle foam cups are available.

4 Simple Steps to Recycle Foam Cups In Your Business

  1. Order some Recycla-Pak "Kits" from your Dart distributor. (Each Kit includes 2 cartons/collection bins, 2 liner bags, 2 cardboard carton dividers, 1 instructional poster, 1 promotional window cling, and 1 assembly instruction sheet.)
  2. Set up a Recycla-Pak carton as a foam cup collection bin.
  3. Place instructional poster and table tents around your business to promote your foam cup recycling.
  4. When full of empty foam cups, seal the bag and carton, then ship for recycling. The shipping cost is prepaid.

By recycling foam cups, you make a difference for our environment that your customers will recognize and appreciate.
Contact your Dart distributor or Dart Sales Representative today for additional information.
Recycla-Pak Literature (PDF)

Recycla-Pak Assembly & Usage Instructions


*Do not remove shipping label affixed to carton.*

  1. Close all four bottom carton flaps (shorter flaps first) and tape shut the two long flaps with packing tape.
  2. Fold outward two adjacent top carton flaps and hold them flush against outside walls of carton. Apply a piece of packing tape across corner of carton, on the face of the two flaps where their edges meet. This will hold the two flaps down flush against carton exterior.
  3. Repeat step 2 with remaining two adjacent top carton flaps.
  4. Insert plastic bag into empty carton so it can collect deposited cups. Fold excess portion of bag over top edges of carton and pull down over outer sides until even with bottom edge of top carton flaps.
  5. Insert carton divider (folded flat with rounded ends down) fully into bag within carton.
  6. Unfold carton divider so it creates eight slots within carton for receiving used foam cups.
  7. Position assembled Recycla-Pak carton so it may be used as a foam cup collection bin. Place signage over or near collection bin to help instruct customers on its use.

If you have any questions on the set-up, use, or return of the Recycla-Pak carton for recycling call 800-248-5960.
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Recycla-Pak Recycling Instructions

  1. When carton is full of used foam cups, gather excess portion of top of plastic bag and tightly tie it off, by either knotting it or using a durable tie, so any liquid cannot escape. The used cups and divider remain in bag. The bag remains in carton.
  2. Close all four top carton flaps (shorter flaps first) and tape shut the two long flaps with packing tape.
  3. Inspect carton to make sure all carton flaps are securely taped shut to avoid any accidental openings during shipment.
  4. Provide carton to any UPS driver or deliver carton to a UPS store or commercial counter. A UPS shipping label has been affixed to carton with shipment cost pre-paid by Dart. Note: You will be charged a fee by UPS if you request pick-up of carton.

Note: UPS will not accept any Recycla-Pak cartons that are leaking liquid or not in shippable condition


More Information

Stock Number: RPC1
Description: Foam Cup Recycling Kit
Shipping Carton Dimensions: 3" x 21.5" x 32"
Assembled Dimensions of Collection Bin:
11" x 20" x 26"

Each Recycla-Pak Foam Cup Recycling Kit contains:
2 - Corrugated collection bins
2 - Plastic liner bags
2 - Cardboard dividers for cup nesting
1- Instructional poster for display
1- Promotional window cling for display
1 - Instruction sheet (PDF)

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