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Information on Styrene

You Know Styrene
A resource for consumers, employees and communities

International Styrene
Industry Forum

The Styrene Information
and Research Center


Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Polystyrene & Polystyrene Packaging Industry

Plastics Foodservice Packaging Group

Plastics Issues, United States

Society of the Plastics Industry

American Chemistry Council (ACC)

Polystyrene Recycling & Reuse, United States

Plastic Loose-Fill Council

Plastics Issues, Canada

Canadian Plastics
Industry Association (CPIA)
L'Association canadienne
de l'industry des plastiques

Plastics Issues, Europe

Association of Plastic
Manufacturers in Europe

Plastics Issues, Australia

Plastics and Chemicals Industry

Foodservice & Packaging Products

Foodservice and
Packaging Institute

Keep America Beautiful

Plastics Impact on Your Life: Other Sources of Information

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