Dart na Sua Vida (em inglês)

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Since the first case of Dart cups was shipped in 1960, Dart Container has strived to provide food and beverage packaging solutions to our diverse customers across the world. You have probably used a Dart product in the past, perhaps on a regular basis.

Let’s take a look at the many ways you may utilize Dart containers throughout your day:

Woman enjoying morning coffee.
7:30 AM

On the way to work, you are sure to stop at your favorite neighborhood coffee shop. Your coffee is served in an insulated foam cup with a reclosable lid to keep it warm and spill-free for the ride.

Water Cooler
10:15 AM

By mid-morning, you stop at the water cooler and use a small plastic cup to help quench your thirst.

Foam hinged lid container with lunch and salad
12:00 PM

At lunch, you decide to get a sandwich and salad to go from the deli and enjoy the ease of a hinged container. The salad is packaged with the dressing placed securely in a separate container, keeping your meal fresh and neat until you have the chance to enjoy it back at the office.

Black Containers
5:30 PM

On the way home from work, you stop at the grocery store to purchase pasta salad and other items for dinner, which the grocer has packaged in plastic containers for your convenience.

Product Variety

Throughout your day, you will find that efficient food and beverage packaging is a common, convenient element of your life, made possible by Dart Container’s efforts to continually innovate and develop packaging solutions. Learn more about Dart Embalagens products.

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