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Dart Manufacturing Company building, year 1951In the early 1950s, Dart's Chairman, William A. Dart ("W A"), began working with his father, William F. Dart, in the small family business in Mason, Michigan. Working together at Dart Manufacturing Company, father and son designed and produced many different products including metal tape measures, identification "dog" tags for military personnel, key cases, and refrigerator shelving units. They then branched out into the toy business and one of their most popular creations was the "Marble Race Game" which was featured in television advertising in selected markets.

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In the late 1950s, W A and his father shifted their focus to developing a machine that would produce high quality foam cups from a relatively new material called expandable polystyrene (EPS). On April 20th, 1960, they shipped their first order, and by 1963 had changed the name of their company to Dart Container Corporation.

The dream that was born in a one-room shop grew into a global company as a result of the dedication of valued workers, and their countless contributions. This is the story of an iconic cup, and the rich history that produced it. This is the story of Dart Container Corporation.

Today, Dart manufactures a broad range of quality products for the foodservice, retail, and food packaging industries, and is the world's largest manufacturer of foam cups. In order to ensure that we provide our customers with consistent product quality and a dependable source of supply, Dart manufactures most of its own production equipment and raw materials. We then turn those raw materials into finished products and use Dart trucks to deliver them to points "across the globe."

Dart is a proud recipient of many industry awards, including numerous supplier and vendor of the year honors from our customers. For a complete listing of industry recognition, please visit our awards page.

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