Foam Dinnerware

Foam Plastic Dinnerware

Add a look of elegance to your foodservice operation with Dart foam plastic dinnerware. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, foam dinnerware is lighter than china, yet strong enough to hold a full portion without bending. Superior insulating qualities make Dart foam dinnerware perfect for both hot and cold foods. Quiet Classic dinnerware lines are available in white, honey, or black and are laminated for extra strength and gloss. Our Concorde dinnerware line offers the same Dart quality in a non-laminated version.

Product Literature (PDF)

Foam Dinnerware: Concorde, Quiet Classic, Honey - 3.5oz. Bowl, 5oz. Bowl, 12oz. Bowl, Casserole DishFoam Dinnerware: 6" Plate, 7" Plate, 9"Plate, 10.25" PlateFoam Dinnerware: 9" Compartmented Plate, 10.25" Compartmented Plate, 9" Platter, 11" Platter
Stock Number Description Sleeve Count Packing Case Case Cube (cu. ft.) Case Weight (lbs)
Concorde® White, Non-Laminated Foam Dinnerware
35BWWC3.5–4 oz Bowl 12510002.03.6
5BWWC5–6 oz Bowl12510002.34.4
12BWWC10–12 oz Bowl12510004.07.7
12BWWCR10–12 oz Bowl12510003.57.3
6PWC6" Plate12510002.96.2
6PWCR6" Plate12510002.25.5
7PWCR7" Plate12510003.08.3
9PWC9" Plate1255003.57.7
9PWCR9" Plate1255003.26.8
9CPWC9" Compartmented Plate1255003.57.7
9CPWCR9" Compartmented Plate1255003.27.4
10PWC10¼" Plate1255004.611.8
10PWCR10¼" Plate1255003.810.7
10CPWC10¼" Compartmented Plate1255005.011.9
10CPWCR10¼" Compartmented Plate1255004.210.8
9PRWCR9" Platter1255002.67.0
11PRWCRS11" Platter1255003.09.1
Quiet Classic® White, Laminated Foam Dinnerware
35BWWQ3.5–4 oz Bowl12510002.04.7
5BWWQ5–6 oz Bowl12510002.34.8
12BWWQ10–12 oz Bowl12510004.09.0
12BWWQR10–12 oz Bowl12510003.78.9
6PWQ6" Plate12510002.97.7
6PWQR6" Plate12510002.67.6
7PWQR7" Plate12510003.59.4
9PWQ9" Plate1255003.59.4
9PWQR9" Plate1255003.29.4
9CPWQ9" Compartmented Plate1255003.59.7
9CPWQR9" Compartmented Plate1255003.29.6
10PWQ10¼" Plate1255004.612.3
10PWQR10¼" Plate1255004.312.2
10CPWQ10¼" Compartmented Plate1255005.012.7
10CPWQR10¼" Compartmented Plate1255004.712.6
9PRWQR9" Platter1255002.67.6
11PRWQRS11" Platter1255003.210.2
Quiet Classic® Honey®, Laminated Foam Dinnerware
35BWHQ3.5–4 oz Bowl12510002.04.7
5BWHQ5–6 oz Bowl12510002.34.8
12BWHQR10–12 oz Bowl12510003.78.9
6PHQR6" Plate12510002.67.6
7PHQR7" Plate12510003.59.4
9PHQR9" Plate1255003.29.4
9CPHQR9" Compartmented Plate1255003.29.6
10PHQR10¼" Plate1255004.312.2
10CPHQR10¼" Compartmented Plate1255004.712.6
8CDHQR8 oz Casserole Dish12510003.911.1
9PRHQR9" Platter1255002.67.6
11PRHQRS11" Platter1255003.210.2
Quiet Classic® Black, Laminated Foam Dinnerware
35BWBQ3.5–4 oz Bowl12510002.04.6
5BWBQ5–6 oz Bowl12510002.35.0
12BWBQ10–12 oz Bowl12510004.09.6
12BWBQR10–12 oz Bowl12510003.78.9
6PBQ6" Plate12510002.97.7
6PBQR6" Plate12510002.67.6
7PBQR7" Plate12510003.59.4
9PBQ9" Plate1255003.59.7
9PBQR9" Plate1255003.29.4
9CPBQ9" Compartmented Plate1255003.59.7
9CPBQR9" Compartmented Plate1255003.29.6
10PBQ10¼" Plate1255004.612.6
10PBQR10¼" Plate1255004.312.2
10CPBQ10¼" Compartmented Plate1255005.012.7
10CPBQR10¼" Compartmented Plate1255004.712.6
8CDBQR8 oz Casserole Dish12510003.911.1
9PRBQR9" Platter1255002.67.6
11PRBQRS11" Platter1255003.210.2

(R) = Item is available in reduced cube version (with R stock number) in certain Dart plant-served areas

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